What are groups?

Groups can be created to promote subjects, styles or projects you are personally interested in. By using groups you can curate your own collections. They can be serious, or fun, e.g.

  • Self-portraits
  • Impressionism, or other styles
  • Paintings of a specific subject
  • Paintings with just a touch of red
  • Artists from a specific country or region

Only Gold Members can create groups. Anyone can add pictures to a group though. 

Groups should be about a fairly specific theme, so that the pictures are clearly related. Groups should not be so generic that almost any picture at all can be added, such as just your favorites.

Groups that do not have a specific enough theme may be removed, or not be available for members to join. This can also happen if pictures are accepted into the group which do not follow that group's guidelines. This is to maintain the quality of the groups and to give them meaning.

If you would like to refer to a group in a comment, you can paste its full web address, e.g. http://www.paintingsilove.com/group/show/999/the-group, or you can use a shortcut with square brackets and just the group number, in this example [group 999].

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