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  • Paintings I Love specializes in hand-created paintings and drawings only.
  • No photography, sculpture, 3D, pottery, ceramics, murals, mosaics, textiles, jewelry, digital or computer-created works are accepted. In short, we cater for non-digital, hand-created art using traditional materials painted or drawn on flat canvas or paper. 
  • Works created using a computer must not be uploaded. This includes:
    •  photos processed through a digital or Photoshop filter so they look like a painting
    •  images created with a tablet device such as an iPad.
    •  or real paintings substantially modified in form or color by digital or Photoshop filters.
  • Artistic nudes are accepted - explicit nudity, pornography or adult content are not.

Although we love all art, we wish to keep our website focused on paintings and drawings. Therefore content not meeting these terms will be removed without notice. We also reserve the right to remove any images or comments not deemed suitable for the site without notice.

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