Getting Started

First, join us and upload your own paintings and drawings. 

On your Settings page you can fill in the details you want to appear on your Artist Page, including (if you want) your Artist Statement and your portrait or photo. These details will appear next to your pictures. To see other Artist Pages, click their name under their paintings or drawings.

If you already have your own website, you can have its address appear under each of your pictures. You will also have your own web address here -

Check out the Recent Activity page to get a sense of the activity and comments currently being made. If you want to receive comments, it is best to make comments on other artists' pictures, because artists often check out the work of those who have commented on their work.

There are two levels of membership. Everyone joins as a Free Member – or you can pay US$19.95 per year to receive extra benefits as a Gold Member

Compare Free versus Gold Memberships.

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