Making comments

Paintings I Love aims to be a welcoming, supportive environment where artists can receive complimentary comments on their works and constructive criticism. Abuse, disrepect and rudeness will not be tolerated. A full list of guidelines is available here.

Comments let you give feedback to artists about what you like in their picture and ask questions on technique. Leaving comments is also the best way to get comments back on your own pictures, as a thumbnail of your most popular picture is automatically shown next to your name, and the people you are commenting on often check out the work of those commenting on theirs. 

To reply to a specific comment, click the 'reply' link under the comment. An entry area will open up for you to type in your reply.

Replies can be made by anybody, not just the artist, so that there can be a conversation under any comment.

You can delete any comments you don't like on your own pictures. You can also block a member from commenting on your pictures in the future. You will not be able to comment on their work either. If someone is blocked by three different people, that person will no longer be able to post any further comments on the site. All blockings are reviewed by the administrators, and should only be used for people that are obviously seriously abusive and should be banned from the site. Any blocking that appears to be unfair may be removed, and too many unfair blockings will cause you to lose your ability to block.

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