The Pool

The PIL Pool is a group that gives more exposure to pictures you want extra comments on.

The more comments you make on other pictures in The Pool, the longer you picture will remain in The Pool. For example, if you comment on 10 other Pool pictures, then your own picture will remain in The Pool for another 10 days, or until it receives another 20 comments.

i.e. for every Pool comment you make, you picture stays for another 24 hours or for 2 extra comments.

You can extend the expiry period by another hour for every comment you make on New Members' pictures anywhere on the site, not just Pool pictures. (You picture will still leave The Pool if it gets enough comments).

You can also add an hour for every picture on which you are the first commenter. The are often found in the New Pictures list - they don't have to be Pool pictures. 

And also by commenting on an artist who hasn't received a comment for a month.

If you have over a day left already, the extra hours may not show until you have less than 24 hours to go (because only whole days left would be shown), but they have actually been added.

When extending the expiry time by commenting on new members or new pictures, that only applies if you have your own picture currently shown in The Pool. If your picture has left The Pool, then those expiry extensions are not accumulated for later.

The Pool only shows you pictures that you have not yet commented on.

You can only have one of your pictures at a time in The Pool.

If you make a comment on a picture that is in The Pool, but on the picture's individual page, then that also counts as a Pool Comment for you both.

If you remove your picture from The Pool before its automatic expiry, or if it expires before receiving all its comments, your Pool Comment count restarts from zero when you add a new picture.

If you find you cannot scroll down to enter your comment, please try pressing the Down Arrow on your keyboard.

Please note that the new Pool page uses slightly different menus & buttons to the rest of the site. The new format will be rolled out to the whole site eventually.

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